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They were in search of the final Elder Scroll, which had led them to Alftand, and consequently, Blackreach. Anna had insisted on bringing additional help in the form of her long-time companion Belrand. Serana wasn’t particularly fond of the boisterous Nord nor his keen insights into Dwemer culture. Anna and Belrand spent almost the entire trek talking about Dwemer while Serana wished desperately that a boulder would fall on them all and end her misery.

Reaching Blackreach offered her no respite. They lingered near a dormant Centurion, mulling over the intricacies of its make. Over the sounds of their deep discussion, Serana heard the distant echoes of scuffling in the darkness. They were being surrounded.

"You might want to stop waffling around like a bunch of scholars and draw your weapons—we’ve got company. I mean, unless you’ve always desired several unfortunate body piercings in the form of falmer arrows.”

It was a shame enemies couldn’t be felled with words. Serana would have cleared them all out with her vitriolic sarcasm.

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