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Let’s Play: The Sims 4
The English Simmer

I have no words…

Honeywell Sims 4 News | Creator’s Camp

This looks like something you’d play on your tablet… WTF?

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So… I downloaded the TS4 CAS and made a Real Housewife. My husband glanced over and said, “…why are you making Steven Tyler?”

Duuuude look like a laaadyyy!

In all honesty, though, not impressed. The selections are limited and I found things I couldn’t achieve with the CAS, even in fine detail mode, that I could do in other sim versions… like nose tip orientation. Could have been something I missed, I was rather invested in making her look as surgically altered as possible and cackling. A lot. I may have peppered in a few colorful comments about the lack of hooker heels or appropriate undergarments for a lady of her “caliber.”

DEM CHEEKBONES DOE! (also squinty eyes from tons of face lifts)

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Let jorji into your blog

I laughed so hard when this came up in the game.

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Castle Volkihar

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I bought Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends on the Steam Summer sale and oh my God. I forgot how much I LOVED THESE GAMES. I always preferred Samurai Warriors, but whatever. Lu Bu can be my replacement Yukimura. Also, no co-op with dad and that’s kind of sad. Because that was always a HILARIOUS TIME.

Unfortunately, we’re gonna need a fuck-ton more AAA batteries… I had to scalp mine from the remotes and various other sources and I think they were half-dead to begin with. Definitely need to tweak the controls, though. My wireless controller is a replica of a PS2/PS3 controller… but the key assignments that defaulted are straight-up BANANAS!

Oh, Steam Summer sale. Continue to put awesome games on sale and take all my monies.

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Poor tumblr. :( Much like everything else, I’ve ignored you these past two months… mostly because I haven’t been gaming. Hoping to remedy that now that I’m feeling a little better. We’ll see. I’ve been missing Skyrim lately even though I was playing ESO before being rendered unable to game, lol. ESO just makes me want to play Skyrim.

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A legendary chest piece drops and I am SO EXCITED as it identifies… only to be a fucking crusader item. What the fuck am I going to do with that shit?! I’m not playing a crusader, I don’t want shitty crusader drops. FUCK. ESPECIALLY NOT FUCKING LEGENDARY ONES!

I ranted for about ten minutes and, at one point, said they could “reap my asshole” because this was bullshit and I don’t want shitty fucking crusader items I can’t do dick with. Husband lost it, I am still quite incensed.

Husband now has a shiny legendary waiting for his crusader to hit level 60 when the fucking expansion releases. WHICH ISN’T FOR LIKE TWO WEEKS.

Excuse my rage, I’m recovering from a very heavy bout of sickness and I’m a naturally anger-prone person.

But seriously.

Fuck you, Diablo 3.

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Tried to do the GW2 event only to find it bugged, so we ended up playing Diablo 3 with an old friend.

We got two sets pieces, so at least we had that going for us. ;)

GW2 will commence tomorrow, since they apparently hot fixed the issue. Excited to see the conclusion FINALLY!

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Srsly. Banished AI fails at fires. Another fire, this time in a denser area… and every single house went up in smoke. Once more, readily available source of water and this time, there was even a well off-screen to the right!

I ended up building one during the ‘rebuild effort.’ Sigh. Even with wells, they never seem to do anything past wandering around homeless and herp-derping everywhere…

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