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A legendary chest piece drops and I am SO EXCITED as it identifies… only to be a fucking crusader item. What the fuck am I going to do with that shit?! I’m not playing a crusader, I don’t want shitty crusader drops. FUCK. ESPECIALLY NOT FUCKING LEGENDARY ONES!

I ranted for about ten minutes and, at one point, said they could “reap my asshole” because this was bullshit and I don’t want shitty fucking crusader items I can’t do dick with. Husband lost it, I am still quite incensed.

Husband now has a shiny legendary waiting for his crusader to hit level 60 when the fucking expansion releases. WHICH ISN’T FOR LIKE TWO WEEKS.

Excuse my rage, I’m recovering from a very heavy bout of sickness and I’m a naturally anger-prone person.

But seriously.

Fuck you, Diablo 3.

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Tried to do the GW2 event only to find it bugged, so we ended up playing Diablo 3 with an old friend.

We got two sets pieces, so at least we had that going for us. ;)

GW2 will commence tomorrow, since they apparently hot fixed the issue. Excited to see the conclusion FINALLY!

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Srsly. Banished AI fails at fires. Another fire, this time in a denser area… and every single house went up in smoke. Once more, readily available source of water and this time, there was even a well off-screen to the right!

I ended up building one during the ‘rebuild effort.’ Sigh. Even with wells, they never seem to do anything past wandering around homeless and herp-derping everywhere…

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"Keep your eyes front." That’s what I told him once, hundreds of years ago in Cocoon’s Gapra Whitewood. But when I tried to remind him of that conversation, his blithe answer betrayed no memory of the past, of what we once shared, and that filled me with a strange sorrow. Hope, have you really forgotten the bonds that once held us together?

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I had my first fire… luckily enough, it was in a small section I was building up outside of one of my ‘remote’ areas. My densely packed ‘urban’ sprawl was saved.

Note that the fire started NEXT TO A FREAKING RIVER. The game says they’ll use ‘fresh water’ sources if a well is not nearby. Well, as evidenced by the second picture, THEY FREAKING DIDN’T!

They just kept strolling on by like they didn’t notice the blazing inferno.

Other than the dumb as bricks AI, the game is fuuuun and oh-so-addictive.

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Now THERE’S a name worthy of a princess. Wow. I’ll die if she hooks up with Kayonte.

I’m doing pretty good, despite the red text. Which is surprising. Must have been all that training playing every Caesar and Pharaoh game under the sun. Thanks, Sierra (RIP.)

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Finally got level 80 the other day and I got to do the whole Jormag thing, which reminded me of easy Tequatl used to be. Ahhh memmmorrieeess…

We are antisocial, so no dungeon crawling for us. We’re mostly doing map completion and whatnot.

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Since the NDA has been lifted… I can reveal that I’ve been in the consistent beta for QUITE awhile now. I’ve also been in several weekend betas.

This is my Dunmer Dragon Knight. I’m going to play a Bosmer Nightblade for live, but I’ve done all the classes. Nightblade and Templar are my favorites.

The second picture is from EARLY beta. Things didn’t have names, descriptions, or even icons. I’m easily amused.

IMO, the game needs more development/etc and I think the whole console idea is a mistake, but whatever. I’m still going to play. Everyone cross your fingers that this isn’t another SWTOR. It’s not that bad… but it’s not impressively amazing beyond words, either. Especially not for a monthly fee, damn it!

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Favourite Mass Effect Characters:

Dr. Liara T’Soni

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